What is it?

Ipfsstore acts as a hosting service in IPFS, allowing you the ability to pin large files so they can be distributed to other nodes more quickly

How do I use it?

Usage is very simple, First in your IPFS node add the file you want to store, take a copy of the hash (directory hashes work too) and submit it to the site
Then using the provided qrcode or bitcoin URI send bitcoin to the address associated with the file (the address will never change so you can setup recurring payments if you want).
After this has been done the file will be pinned onthe IPFS node.

How much does it cost?

The cost to host a file is pinned at 0.044 USD/Gigabyte per month. If the bitcoin price goes up, so will the number of months your file will be hosted for.

What's IPFS?

IPFS is a "peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol" serving files from muliple peers addresses via merkle tree hashes (in short, it's very cool)

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